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Set a Day: The Bays

Day Seven: 2006-03-04 The Rhythm Factory, London UK

Download 2006-03-04 OCD @ The Rhythm Factory, London UK Well after a busy weekend and then dealing with connection issues all of yesterday that prevented me from uploading those sets, I think we can finally get this back on track. Whatever was messing up my uploads seems to have cleared up on it’s own accord so hopefully it will stay that way. In the last update I included a Jimpster and Palmskin set from an OCD event held at the Rhythm Factory in London. Today I am posting The Bays set from that same event. Like the DJ set yesterday...

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Day Six: 2001-06-09 Drum Rhythm, Amsterdam NL

Download 2001-06-09 Drum Rhythm, Amsterdam NLDownload 2006-03-04 Jimpster/Plamskin @ OCD Yea I know, I’ve missed a couple of days here. Real Life™ has caught up to me something fierce. To make up for it I am also going to include a bonus DJ set from Jamie & Simon, who spin/produce under the names Jimpster & Palmskin respectively. Jamie runs the preeminent house label Freerange Records, purveyor of some of the finest house music in the UK. This is another set for all of you minimal tech house junkies out there. For the Bays set we bring you one of their...

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Day Five: 2005-01-08 Jazz Cafe, London UK

Download 2005-01-08 Jazz Cafe, London UK This one is for all you minimal/tech/house fans. This particular genre has been getting tons of hype these days with acts such as Booka Shade, Gui Borrato and Steve Bug making waves production wise. This set is dominated by this style, and of course the Bays do it all live and off the cuff. Some of the themes in here could easily be developed into major club hits. At the beginning of 2005 the Bays were residents at this famous London club. They performed several shows all of which are highly regraded among fans....

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Day Four: 2002-08-23 Hotaka Festival, Japan

Download 2002-08-23 Hotaka Festival, Japan So far we’ve heard two radio shows and one club set. I thought now would be a good time to take things outdoors. While this will be the first time The Bays play a festival in the states, they are no strangers to the festival environment. They hit the festival circuit in Europe pretty hard each year, with sets at the Big Chill, Glastonbury, Pukkelpop and more earning them high praise. This set brings us to the mountains of the Gunma region in Japan for the Hotaka Music Festival. Like last years Camp Bisco, this...

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Day Three: 2002-10-17 Paradiso, Amsterdam NL

Download 2002-10-17 Paradiso, Amsterdam NL Over the past few days we’ve heard two sets that are what many would call ‘dance party’ caliber, dominated by hard hitting beats and an up-tempo pace. They are the perfect thing to throw on after a night out when nobody quite wants to stop dancing yet. Todays set takes us into the deeper and more soulful side of The Bays. One of the best things about this band is that every show is unique, and each measure a snapshot of the moment it was performed. Each show is highly affected by context; things like...

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