Day Six: 2001-06-09 Drum Rhythm, Amsterdam NL

Posted by Lourens Van Der Jagt on

Download 2001-06-09 Drum Rhythm, Amsterdam NL
Download 2006-03-04 Jimpster/Plamskin @ OCD

Yea I know, I’ve missed a couple of days here. Real Life™ has caught up to me something fierce. To make up for it I am also going to include a bonus DJ set from Jamie & Simon, who spin/produce under the names Jimpster & Palmskin respectively. Jamie runs the preeminent house label Freerange Records, purveyor of some of the finest house music in the UK. This is another set for all of you minimal tech house junkies out there.

For the Bays set we bring you one of their breakout performances from way back in the Summer of 2001. Recorded at Amsterdam’s renowned Drum Rhythm festival, this set is a serious departure from what we have heard from this band so far. In fact, if it weren’t for the MC calling for a round of applause for THE BAYS!!! at the beginning of the set you might have a hard time believing it is even the same band. This set is a trip in to the land of downtempo, dub and ragga sure to mellow out your day.

The set is sprinkled with more tasteful appearances from the previously mentioned MC, with the band sampling the vocals live and playing it back all chopped up. And of course no Bays set would be complete without a solid finish, and this set is no different. The last five minutes depart heavily from the style of the rest of the set, coming back to dance party house beats the guys are best known for.

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