Day Four: 2002-08-23 Hotaka Festival, Japan

Posted by Lourens Van Der Jagt on

Download 2002-08-23 Hotaka Festival, Japan

So far we’ve heard two radio shows and one club set. I thought now would be a good time to take things outdoors. While this will be the first time The Bays play a festival in the states, they are no strangers to the festival environment. They hit the festival circuit in Europe pretty hard each year, with sets at the Big Chill, Glastonbury, Pukkelpop and more earning them high praise.

This set brings us to the mountains of the Gunma region in Japan for the Hotaka Music Festival. Like last years Camp Bisco, this festival was hosted by a ski resort in the end of August. Right from the start of the set it is apparent that we are in for something a bit different. This is one of the more experimental Bays sets out there, a lot of this material defies classification.

It also features one of my favorite finishes, which starts out with a captivating guitar riff. This one riff leads into one of the more unique climaxes I have heard. It is high energy, but very focused with each member tightly tuned on the others.

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