Day Three: 2002-10-17 Paradiso, Amsterdam NL

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Download 2002-10-17 Paradiso, Amsterdam NL

Over the past few days we’ve heard two sets that are what many would call ‘dance party’ caliber, dominated by hard hitting beats and an up-tempo pace. They are the perfect thing to throw on after a night out when nobody quite wants to stop dancing yet.

Todays set takes us into the deeper and more soulful side of The Bays. One of the best things about this band is that every show is unique, and each measure a snapshot of the moment it was performed. Each show is highly affected by context; things like location, venue, time and most importantly the crowd. As such it is fitting that this set from the Paradisio in Amsterdam feels just right for a lazy, hazy afternoon.

Don’t get the wrong idea though, it may be a relaxed set but there is still plenty to absorb here. The slower tempo allows the band to develop a rich soundscape of textures that you can actually see in your minds eye. As the set progresses it’s easy to wander among the sounds, focusing on one particular theme as it develops and slowly twists into something new altogether.

And these guys never forget the importance of a strong finish. Despite the more laid back nature of this set there is still a very clear build of energy throughout. Once again Andy launches the rest of the guys into a hard drum & bass jam, and even this retains the soul developed in the rest of the set.

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