Day Seven: 2006-03-04 The Rhythm Factory, London UK

Posted by Lourens Van Der Jagt on

Download 2006-03-04 OCD @ The Rhythm Factory, London UK

Well after a busy weekend and then dealing with connection issues all of yesterday that prevented me from uploading those sets, I think we can finally get this back on track. Whatever was messing up my uploads seems to have cleared up on it’s own accord so hopefully it will stay that way.

In the last update I included a Jimpster and Palmskin set from an OCD event held at the Rhythm Factory in London. Today I am posting The Bays set from that same event. Like the DJ set yesterday this one focuses on the minimal techno/house style. Andy’s drumming on this one is particularly on point, very subtle and extremely precise. One of the techniques he uses involves an e-drum trigger placed above another snare or e-drum pad, so that he play on both the down and upbeat. It really is amazing to watch.

Andy isn’t the only one at the top of his game for this set, the whole hour and a half is some of the tightest music I have heard from these guys. Nearly every theme and transition is nailed, and most of the time it is hard to believe this is even a band, much less a band that is making all this stuff up off the cuff. The selection of effects and tones from the keys are top notch, and the bass work fits perfectly into the minimal structure laid down by Andy. This is definitely a set you will be able to appreciate for a long time.

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